Sunday, 3 March 2013

What I've been up to recently... Sunday 24th February

Hello everyone!

If you follow me on Twitter (my handle is ironic_sparkles if you want to come and say hello!), you'll know that life has been extremely busy for me lately. The majority of last week saw me travelling back and Forth (A Fife joke? Really?) between Glasgow and Kirkcaldy frequently, firstly for my grampa's funeral (which was sad but also hilarious - the May family know how to party, even at a wake) and then for the UK premiere of Joss Whedon's new film, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing plus the closing gala party of the Glasgow Film festival. Phew! Busy busy. I thought I'd share some bits from my weekend with you...

My nails for the premiere and gala. In keeping with the colourful logos for the Glasgow Film Festival I decided to go for some bright Models Own colours and glitters.

On Sunday afternoon before the film, I met up with two of my best friends, Claire and Vicky, and we went for some lunch and tea. This was our tea in a little place called the Cup and Saucer. If you find yourself craving some tea in Glasgow, I'd highly recommend trying here, yum yum!

Next up, Kris and I got moderately dressed up to meet our friends for dinner before the film, and we went to one of my favourite eateries in Glasgow, Cocktail and Burger. This is Kris trying not to be blinded by the flash on my phone, haha!

The cocktail menu. Yum yum... think I had a daiquiri in the end. They know how to make awesome cocktails, that much I know!

After we were fed and watered, we wandered along to the Glasgow Film Theatre to see Much Ado About Nothing. This was no ordinary screening, as I said it was the UK premiere of the film, but Joss Whedon came along! He was a true gentleman, patient and obliging, putting up with some of the incredibly geeky questions that were put to him.

Sorry for the picture quality; this was on my phone, zoomed in from about ten rows back! But as I said, he came across as a brilliant and down-to-earth guy and hopefully he comes back to Glasgow soon! The film itself was brilliant; Joss Whedon brought Shaksespeare's words to life on the screen, all the actors were great, but particular praise goes to Nathan Fillion as Dogberry and Alexis Denisof as Benedick (the scene where he overhears Claudio and Don Pedro is absolutely hilarious.)

After the film ended, we were invited to party on down at the CCA for the Glasgow Film Fest's Closing Gala, where we were treated to free drinks and great tunes for the remainder of the evening. I have to be honest: I didn't think much of the gala. The free drinks were handed out it crappy little white cups and it was way too crowded in some parts (White cups might sound pissy, but really, how much effort does it really take to get some plastic champagne flutes? :P) so my friends and I found a quiet corner in one of the bars in the CCA and just chilled out and dissected the film.

The next day, Kris had to head back early to go to work, but I decided to stay and try a new little diner in the West End called the New York Kitchen with my mum and my brother...

Brooklyn Lager is very nice by the way. The theme in the New York Kitchen (owned by the same people who own the two neighbouring establishments: Criterion and Velvet Elvis) is big, hearty American diner-style food. I'll put it to you this way, I almost rolled out of the door after devouring a plate of Southern Fried Chicken, fries and sweetcorn, delicious as it was. I loved it! I can't remember the name of the company that owns these three venues, but they're all fantastic. If you find yourself in the West End of Glasgow, check out these three beauties on Dumbarton Road, they're all great (I should know, I used to live around the corner!)

After a hellish week, I had so much fun last weekend and I really needed it. It reminded me how much I missed Glasgow and has renewed my determination to move back there, hopefully before the end of this summer. I'm not looking forward to having THAT conversation with my boss...

Christina xo


  1. OHMYGODJOSSWHEDON! I am jealous times infinity, the man is amazing. Tat adaptation is now top of my list of things to see, especially if Nathan Fillion is in it. I do love Much Ado About Nothing, it's been one of my favourite Shakespeare works since we studied it at GCSE.

    1. It's out in cinemas on June... 16th? It's the 2nd week in June anyway and you will love it! I just wish he'd made this while I was doing my degree, would've made studying Shakespeare way more fun!

      He was so lovely and very humble actually, just a shame I didn't get to talk to him properly. He was inundated by people demanding more Buffy and Firefly :P xo