Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A little bit about me...

I've had this blog a little while, and I'm horrendously bad at remembering to blog. What'll happen is this: I'll think of something I want to talk about (while I'm out at work or on the town usually) and by the time I sit myself down to write it, all my witty observations have gone *poof* into oblivion. So I thought I'd try and start afresh, and begin by telling folk a bit about myself by way of an introduction.

Name: Christina
Age: 23
Lives: Kirkcaldy, Fife. I'm originally from Glasgow, but I moved up around 8 months ago.
Relationships: I'm living with my boyfriend Kris. He's pretty awesome.
Favourite foods: Pizza, steak, bacon. All the stuff that's terrible for you really :P
Least favourite foods: Cucumber (unless it's in my G & T), some fruits.
Job: Support worker for Scottish Autism. Go read their blog here.

And now for a general list of my favourite things:

Going to gigs
Taking photos
Trying new drinks (particularly gins and vodkas, but not fussy haha!)
Playing with make-up, particularly eye make-up.
Pretty vintage dresses.
Playing RPGs on the Xbox, right now I'm engrossed in the Mass Effect trilogy. Another favourite is Red Dead Redemption.
Doctor Who and Torchwood.
Gossip Girl.
Reading Charlie Brooker. He makes me laugh so hard at the world.
Tapas food.
Spanish culture in general, I love going there on holiday!

So there ya go, that's a little bit of info about myself. Anything else you wish to know? Is there anything in particular folk want me to write about? Open to suggestions :) x