About Me


My name is Christina, I'm 25 and I lived in Fife, (otherwise known as the Kingdom of Fife, hence the name for my blog) but have now moved back to my native Glasgow (well, Rutherglen, which is JUST outside of the city limits, but it has a G postcode so that's Glasgow to me :P)

I live with my boyfriend Kris, he's lovely and he keeps me sane :P

Here's us! Helloo :P

My favourite past-times are drinking good quality tea and coffee, as well as having a penchant for nice gins and whiskies (Well I am Scottish). I also enjoy talking about and playing with make-up and skincare, reading and I love trying new places for food and going out!

My style? I'm very much an old-fashioned kinda girl. I love full-skirted dresses, 50s glamour and vintage looks. This may have something to do with me being blessed with child-bearing hips, boobs and a bum!

I love a good natter, so please feel free to talk to me here or on Twitter!

Speak soon and looking forward to meeting everyone!

Christina xo

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