Sunday, 5 February 2012

It's just slush, ye ken?

Morning folks! Awake at the arse-crack of dawn as usual, so while the boy is sleeping, I thought I'd do a bit of blogging :) Just to address the current weather situation, there's no snow in Kirkcaldy where I live, just lots of ice. Makes going to the shops that little bit more life-threatening. There is some snow inland, in towns like Lochgelly whereI work, but it's just slush now, ye ken? :P

About work, so far so good. Still doing lots of reading, but now I actually get to see the people I am working with and I'm now understanding the majority of the aforementioned reading. Pretty chuffed with the job so far :)

Make-up news: I'm desperately trying to avoid swaying into beauty blogger territory. Many reasons for this, top 3 being: 1. I can't afford to buy a lot of make-up all the time (I did yesterday but I'll get to that later). 2. I am absolutely terrible at remembering to post on my blog as it is, I would definitely not be able to keep up with all the new make-up that is released on an almost daily basis. and 3. There are already so many brilliant beauty blogs out there, I doubt I'd really be doing anything brilliantly different!

Yes, so I bought a shit-ton of make-up yesterday. Reason being that in 2-3 weeks time I will be attending the premiere of my friend's film ( and even though it's only in Glasgow's CCA, I still want to make sure I look Hollywood Glamorous! Got the dress and shoes sorted, so now onto make-up.

I ended up buying 17 Miracle Matte Foundation, 17 Eye Trio in Vengence (They spelt it wrong on the pack! Why yes I am a spelling Nazi...) and 17 Photo Flawless Lashes mascara, just 'cause it apparently has copper flashes in it, and I'm curious. After the 3 for 2, bought Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder in the hope it will help with my shiny nose (Don't wanna blind the paps at the premiere now do I?), then I managed to score 2 eyeshadows and 2 glitter eyeliners for £2 on clearance. Yaaaaas! Doesn't even matter if they're crap, they were only 2 quid. Incidentally the glitter liners are ones I've used before and they are actually pretty awesome, so ultra bargains there.

So yeah, that's pretty much what I've been up to. Will hopefully remember to update this more often now (Pahahahahaha)



  1. I need to see a review of the 17 foundation NEED DO YOU HEAR ME?! x

  2. Lol, I'll put it on my face tomorrow for work and see how long it lasts... :P