Thursday, 19 January 2012

Somebody call 999!

Hello hello hello.

Just taking a break from the food-porn that is Masterchef to talk about my new job. So far it's all been training, involving some horrendously boring reading of policies and procedures, but also with some highlights, including playing with all the different kinds of fire extinguishers known to man and learning about diseases that nom your flesh (all in a day's work in the care sector right?)

Made a new pal, the girl I'll be working with in Lochgelly (where I'll be based) seems lovely, she's new like me, likes cool make-up like me (her lipgloss/balm lights up ffs) and is rather funny. Makes 5 hours of reading policy and procedures pass a lot quicker.

And another thing. Scotrail suck balls. Big hairy ones. Over and out! :)

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