Sunday, 15 January 2012

My beauty lust list

I've been following my friend's blog, Eyelining Obsessions for a little while now (it can be found here) and she has literally opened my eyes to the world of looking fabulous! So I thought I would record the products I'm currently lusting after, in the hope of one day owning some of them!

RapidLash Eyelash serum - now, my eyelashes are pretty long, but they could do with being a bit thicker + having more of them. It's almost half the price on Amazon at the moment, but I wanna wait until my first pay from my new job til I invest.

MAC Eyeshadow in Club and All that Glitters - My good blogging friend has demoed these and they look AMAAAZING! I've never tried MAC makeup before however, so I'm holding out until I can visit a MAC counter and get some advice/ try them for real.

A red lipliner - I've never tried lipliner before, mainly because I rarely wear lipstick. I'm more of an eye gal y'see. When I do wear lippie however, it's usually red, so I think I should try and make it last/look neat when I do wear it!

Sleek palettes -  I've heard many folk raving about these palettes, and I like the range of colours that are available in each palette. I'm holding out for the original i-Divine and Me, Myself and Eye palettes (maybe the Bad Girl one too if I'm feeling flush...)

Anyone else got any beauty wishes?

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