Friday, 30 December 2011

End of year, woops it's been a while.

Hehe, it's been a while since my first post, so updates:

I've quit teaching. As I look back, I realize I've made the right choice. It was making me unbelieveably miserable, ill and stressed beyond belief. The minute I made my decision, I instantly felt so much better. And now life couldn't be any better. My boyfriend's working full time and he seems to like it, I'm a temp at Next for now, with a new permanent job as a support worker for a charity beginning in the New Year. I was incredibly lucky to get the job, and I am both nervous and  excited  while I wait for a start date. All I can hope for is that 2012 proves to have more successes than 2011 in my life.

In general, I've enjoyed this year, I'm just looking forward to starting the next one. Going home to Glasgow today to see my parents/visit our favourite Glasgow pub, The Park Bar, then tomorrow we're to my boyfriend's dad's for the NYE bells in Crianlarich. Pretty much 3 solid days of drinking, the way most Scots see in Hogmanay! :P

So bring on 2012!


  1. Cheers for the mention hun! Did not you know bloggidyblogged. Right now I want everything from the Paul and Joe anniversary collection (cat shaped things!!!!) and I have an irrational desire to try Bourjois Bio Detox foundation x

    1. Holy crap the Paul and Joe collection is so cute! I'd be a bit scared to used them though, they're almost too pretty, I'd hate to smush the poor kitty-shaped cheek sticks :P

      I started back when I was really, horrendously stressed. It was meant to be a one-off, but I might try and keep it up. Although it'll probably be a random assortment of ramblings and other things! xx