Wednesday, 20 June 2012

No.7 Summer of Dreams Bronzer.

I cannot believe I am about to review a bronzer. Here's why: I look like this... 

i.e. I am extremely pale and red-headed, and I've always felt that your skin colour should not be the same as your hair colour (too much orange...) so I generally steered clear of bronzer for fear of getting it wrong. Until now...

I was in my local Boots when I spied No.7's new bronzer, Summer of Dreams. Already it sounded promising. I waited a few weeks til I was at home in Glasgow and visited Boots to purchase it. I am so glad I did because it is fabulous!

It's so lovely-looking, no? It retails at £13 (I paid £8 with what my friend Claire calls No.7's "£5 vouchers of temptation") and to me it's worth every penny. The lower picture shows it's a fairly pale bronzer, but the colour is very warm, with only a slight hint of shimmer (Though be warned, when I first purchased this there was a shimmer pattern over the top for aesthetics, so with your first swatch you won't pick up much colour, just shimmer. After this it's fine though.). I would best describe this shade as a pale terracotta (There's only 1 shade though, so this might not suit everyone). When worn, it warms up my complexion without being too noticeable, it just looks like I've seen a little sun. When I use it with my baby kabuki, it  doesn't kick up much loose powder, and I don't need very much to warm up my face, so there's very little wasteage. I suspect this will be enough bronzer to last me a long time, and I'm very happy that it's this one. It successfully manages to bronze my face without making it look orange and unnatural. Score!

Christina xo

PS. Sorry there's no picture of this on my face, I couldn't really get it so you could compare the difference. Trust me, it looks pretty good :)

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