Thursday, 28 June 2012

So I'm jumping off a bridge....

...For charity that is!

I work for a charity called Scottish Autism, a charity which aims to supports people with autism and autism spectrum conditions such as Aspergers syndrome amongst others, as well as provide advice and support to their families also. The charity does this by running day services, outreach and can even provide 24-hour support in someone's own home if they need it (which is what I do, I work in Housing Support), as well as also having their own school in Alloa, which is purpose-built to meet the needs of children with ASDs who wish to learn. If you want to learn more about Scottish Autism and their work, visit their website here or visit them on either Twitter or Facebook. I advise you to, they're nothing short of lovely and helpful!

Now it takes a lot of money to run so many much-needed services, and in October I'm going to do my bit to help by abseiling down the side of the Forth Rail Bridge in Fife to raise money for the charity. That's 165 feet of abseiling I'll be doing folks! I have to raise at least £125 to be able to do the abseil, but ideally, I'd love to raise £1000 for Scottish Autism.

Why am I doing this? Well, basically because I love my job, and I would do anything to help those in my care. So if it means making sure there's enough money for the facilities they need to access the community, to give them as full a life as possible, then throwing myself over the edge of the Forth Rail Bridge is what I'm gonna do! And what I would love even more is if folk could sponsor me to do it. If everyone I know gave me £5, I'd be well over my target in no time. So if you believe in what I'm doing, you can find my donation page here:

Thank you for listening!

Christina xo

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