Thursday, 15 November 2012

Selfridges Lucky Beauty Bag - The Un-Baggening...

I don't know if unbaggening is a word, but I have an English degree, so I say it should be.

ANYWAY... I was about to finish work yesterday morning (was on nightshift) and I had two minutes to check my emails. Saw I had a Selfridges email, telling me the bags were now available to order, managed to bag (ho ho) one, and had it ordered before I left work. Came home from work this afternoon to discover that not only had it been dispatched, it had been DELIVERED and left with my lovely neighbour Tania! Cue major excitement from me and a fair bit of squeeing.

So does the Beauty Lucky Bag live up to the awesomeness of its predecessor, the Box? Well let's see what I got... 

In my box was:

OCC Lip Tar - £10 (Full size)
Anatomicals "Our Lip Balm's Better Than Yours" SPF 15 Lip Balm - £2.55 (Full size)
Ren Rose Otto Body Wash - 50ml Sample = £4.25 (Full size is 200ml for £17)
Eve Lom Rescue Mask - 15ml Sample =  £8.25 (Full size is 100ml for £55)
NPW Luxe Talons Nail Caviar - £2.50 (Full size)
NPW Beauty Junkie Ginseng Mud Mask - 15ml Sachet = £1.50 (Full size)

Bag cost = £15 + £4.95 delivery, Actual Product Worth = £29.05

I love the look of some of the products, and I'm especially excited by the OCC Lip Tar. I actually had no idea Selfridges stocked OCC, so looking forward to trying this gorgeously vivid pink shade! The Ren Body Wash smells gorgeous, so again, a thumbs up for me! The Anatomicals Lip Balm tastes nice and feels moisturising... but I have around 10 lip balms at the moment, so it is just another lip balm to me. I've never tried anything by Eve Lom (mainly due to budget :P) but I'm looking forward to giving this mask a go.

The NPW products have left me feeling a bit...meh? I think it's just because nail caviar and sachet masks are so easy to buy from any high-street chemist/pharmacy, and I was expecting to receive products that us mere mortals find it more difficult to obtain. Where this also leaves me feeling a bit downhearted is in the actual value of the products. I paid £19.95 for just under £30 of product, whereas most beauty subscription boxes give you more every month, and the Selfridges Beauty Box had a whopping £150 of product for the same price as this. I dunno, maybe I'm being cheeky, but I expected a little more from Selfridges. I suppose that's the point of any lucky bag, that you win some and lose some, but still...Feel free to disagree!

Overall, I'm looking forward to using these products, but I... I dunno I feel slightly cheated. Did you also order the Beauty Lucky Bag? What products did you receive?

Christina xo


  1. Your blog is so pretty Christina!
    I think you definitely got one of the better lucky bags, what with the Ren body wash (although a face product from them would have been better, in my eyes) and the Eve Lom mask. I know what you mean about the NPW stuff though, it's hardly high-end, is it!? I saw one girl yesterday who did a post on hers, and she had all products on that level in her Lucky Bag, and she was not best pleased. Can't say I blame her as it's supposed to be a luxurious surprise treat!
    Mel x

    1. Aw thank you!

      It's a funny one, I have seen some girls getting amazing bags and then others (like the girl you mentioned) getting comparatively crap ones. Fair enough it's a lucky bag, but from Selfridgrs I would have expected a little more. Hope I'm not the only one thinking this lol! x

  2. From all the posts I've seen I think you got one of the better bags! Some people got mints in it so at least yours were all beauty related :-) I like the sound of the REN body wash and the Eve Lom mask xx

    1. True, have seen some people complaining, so in hindsight my bag doesn't seem as bad. Yeah the Eve Lom face mask feels amazing! Tried it the other night :) x