Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Tag... AGAIN!

I can't help it, I loves me a good Christmas tag, so I've completed another one!
This was taken from Stacey at Journey of A Thousand Miles. You can find her blog here. :) (It's fab, give her a follow!)

1- What do you want for Christmas?

I have a long Amazon wishlist (used only to collate the things I want. Won't buy from Amazon until they start paying their taxes in the U.K.) It's mostly make-up and skincare, so that's what I want for Christmas!

2 - Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Mostly on Christmas Day, though if I'm not going to see folk I'll open/give presents before then.

3 - What is your favourite Holiday drink form Starbucks?

I hate Starbucks coffee. I grew up with waaay better coffee, thanks to living in the West End of Glasgow. My favourite holiday hot drink would have to be a praline latte, loads of places have them.

(Also are you aware of how prolificly tax-dodging Starbucks are? If you're free today, check out UK Uncut here. They're staging some peaceful sit-ins in branches of Starbucks up and down the UK in protest at lack of taxes paid by the company in the UK. Check it out!)

4 - What is your favourite Christmas film?

The Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm not that big a fan of traditional Christmas films...

5- Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

We have a fake tree. It's fibre optic so I don't have to fiddle with lights and things :P

6- What do you do on Christmas Eve?

This changes year-to-year. This year I'm working from 7.30am til 4pm, then running to hopefully catch a bus to Glasgow, so I can spend the rest of Christmas Eve with Kris' mum and her partner :)

7- Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Not particularly, other than making sure I drink copious amounts of mulled cider and Christmas coffee I don't have many traditions!

8- What is your favourite Christmas song?

Christmas, Baby Please Come Home - Anberlin :)

9- What is your favourite Christmas food?

Four Bird Roast. Last year was Kris and I's first Christmas on our own as a couple, and that was what we had, and it was delicious! That and lots of chocolate.

10- What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Being with my family :) last year I didn't get home for Christmas, and I probably won't next year (In my line of work, if you work Christmas one year, you get it off the following year and vice versa.), so seeing as much of my family and Kris' family is really important to me.

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  1. I've always wanted a fiber optic tree! Some look really beautiful. Found you through the bbloggers Blog Hop!

    1. Hello! I love my wee fibre-optic tree, looks lovely and I don't have to fiddle with Christmas lights :P (I am so lazy when it comes putting up decorations!)

      Christina xo