Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Tag

I've seen this Christmas tag floating around on a few blogs, so I thought I'd give it a try and get myself in the Christmas spirit (Always takes me a while... bah humbug :P)

This is my Christmas tree! (pic from last year, mine's isn't up yet)
1. What is your favorite part of the season?
  Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, because I can just relax with Kris' and my family (wherever we may be) and have a laugh, have a drink (or 12) and just recharge.

2. Which is your favorite Christmas song?
"Christmas, Baby Please Come Home." - covered by Anberlin, find it here :) Or "What's This?" from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Yeah I'm not a traditionalist, sorry!

3. When do you put your decorations up?
Around the 2nd week in December. I've always thought anything prior to that is too soon, especially now tha I work with autistic adults. Christmas is a big enough change of routine for someone with autism, so to build that up for weeks on end just strikes me as cruel.

4. Giving or receiving presents?
It's nice to receive, but I much prefer giving. Mainly because if I do say so myself, I'm usually pretty good at finding awesome gifts for people!

5. Favorite Christmas movie?
The Nightmare Before Christmas. Or possible Die Hard. Not the biggest fans of the regular twee-ness.

6. Snow or frosty mornings?
I love snow on days that I'm not working, because if I get snowed in at work, I'm screwed. It snowed while I was on night-shift last night and was literally terrified I'd be stuck there :P In general, snow.

7. Mince pies - love or hate?
I like mince pies, but I can only eat one or two, because I find them quite rich and sickly. 

8. If you could wish for one thing this Christmas, what would it be? 
That everyone has a good day really. That's about it :)

9. Farther Christmas or Santa clause?
Father Christmas. Sounds like someone who would look after you and keep you safe :) Whereas Santa Claus sounds like Sandy Claws and I think of Oogie Boogie. Not cool!

10. Going out with friends or staying in?
Both, I like being able to do a mixture of both in the run-up to Christmas. Though it usually entails me forking out to go home to Glasgow because no-one comes up to visit us in Fife (le boo!)

So there you go, feel free to try it yourself! Have a fab Christmas when it comes!

Christina xo

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