Wednesday, 27 February 2013

100 Day Spending Ban - Week 8

Hi there spending ban fans!

I've been pretty good again this past week. Considering I could have slipped into buying things as a means to make myself feel better, that's pretty impressive. My only purchase has been a pair of tights to wear to my grampa's funeral (£3.50 from M+S).

One thing I have noticed this week is that I'm beginning to realise what I place value on in the beauty world. I think investing money in good skin-care and good base products are important, such as good foundations, and particularly a good primer (I am not a fan of the MUA one I am using at the moment... more on that in another post.) 
As we get older, it's important that we begin to look after our skin. Personally, I wouldn't consider surgery to retain my looks, I would rather look after my skin as much as possible now and in later life, because I believe growing old gracefully is the most beautiful thing any woman can do. :)
My wishlist stays the same:
 1. Dior BB Cream
2. Chanel VitaLumiere Aqua.
3. Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm.
4. MAC Lipstick in Chatterbox.
5. Lancome Genefique Youth Activator.
6. Illamasqua L'Imperfection Nail Polish in Fragile.
7. Marks and Spencer's Limited Collection Multi Blush.
8. Sleek Aqua Collection. 
One day it will (hopefully) all be miiiine :P
Over and out mes amies,
Christina xo  


  1. Good luck with that :-D So far my spanding ban going smoothly xx

    1. Thanks Sana and good luck with yours, keep up the good work! :)

      Christina xo