Friday, 5 October 2012

NOTD: Model's Own Neon Nail Polish in Pink Punch

WARNING: Readers may need to put on their sunglasses to look directly at this nail polish

 As many of you may (or may not) know, Models Own recently hit the 100,000 Facebook fans mark. To celebrate this achievement, they had a half-price sale on EVERYTHING they sold. Me being the naturally thrifty person I am, I wired right in. Moderately though, as I'm on a budget. But below are my purchases:

Woah... yeah it doesn't look too blinding in this picture. This is Model's Own Neon Nail Polish in Pink Punch (though it looks kinda orange in this picture), and I bought this along with the shades Dream Stream (blue), Purple Mystique (Duh), Black Nail Art Pen and these very pretty flower nail wraps. However, I had to try Pink Punch first!

Now, it looks more pink, but in real life, it's a violent pink-coral colour. I can almost see in the dark with these nails!

Whilst it's not the longest lasting colour ever (2 days before chipping) I love it!

Did anyone else avail themselves of the Models Own offer? What did people buy?

Christina xo


  1. I bought 2 models own nail polish on discount in a shop where I live, one of them being the one that you featured but I am rather disappointed with it :( It chipped the very next day :(

    I found your blog through #bbloggers blog hop and followed :D

    1. Yeah mine is starting to chip more now, 3 days later, but I've had way worse.

      Heehee that's exactly how I found your blog too :) x