Saturday, 23 March 2013

These are a few of my favourite things :)

Hello readers!

I felt compelled to share some of my favourite things with you today, I hope you don't mind! I'm not sure if this will become a regular series but I will definitely try to share some favourites more frequently.

Favourite TV shows: Ghost in the Shell.


I recently started watching more animes with my boyfriend Kris, and Ghost in the Shell is one of my favourites. It follows a team of top level police who specialise in solving cyber crimes in a futuristiccity in Japan. It's a little more complex that I'm making it sound, but to try and explain everything would take ages and my brain would hurt. Suffice to say it's brilliant, intriguing and I love watching it!

Favourite Beauty products: MUA Trio Eyeshadow in Innocence.

This is my favourite tool for creating a neutral but smokey eye. Each shade applies well, is incredibly pigmented and lasts very well, with or without primer.

Favourite Place: Bar Gumbo, Glasgow.

This is a new bar/eaterie that has opened up on Byres Road in Glasgow's West End (where I'm from!) and it's all about the soul. Soul food, soul music and drinks to soothe all souls! I visited here with my friend when I was at home recently and absolutely loved it. I particularly recommend having any of their burgers with extra pulled pork topping (nom nom) and to drink I'd try the Thai Orchard, so refreshing!

Favourite music: The Delays.

I've recently rediscovered the Delays, a brilliant band of lads from Southampton. Their dreamy electronics matched with their rock undercurrent is reminiscent of the La's and I love listening to the lead singer Greg Gilbert's voice :) Unsung is a particular favourite of mine, so enjoy!

So those were a few of my favourite things! What are you guys loving this week?

Christina xo


  1. I still need to watch Ghost In The Shell, it's on my list somewhere xD. There are too many classic must-watch anime series I've never seen, I only finally watched the last few episodes of Death Note last week >.<

    1. Ooh I've never watched Death Note, might give that a go after I've finished Cowboy Bebop. Lol there are so many, glad I've got Kris to keep be right hehe :) xo

  2. Hello Kirsty!
    Just stopping by from the #Bbloggers blog hop, I'm now following you via GFC and Bloglovin. I love the idea of this 'favourite' things post. I only have one product from MUA and I love it, that's the Undressed Palette, it's fab! :)

    If you wish to check out my blog the link is -

    Peace & love from Ireland,