Monday, 14 January 2013

100 Day Spending Ban - Week 2 Update

With week 2 comes a weak Christina... yeah I went a bit nuts.

First up, on Tuesday, after posting my successful week 1 update, I went out and bought more cleanser, a scrub and some heat spray (I had run out of heat spray so that was at least justified.) The only reason I caved was because the particular range I'm using from Superdrug is half-price at the moment, so my rationalisation was that it would be cheaper to stock up now at the reduced price, than to wait and pay full price when I run out. I'll leave that up to you guys to decide whether that was more sensible...

On Saturday, I met my Mum in Edinburgh for a bit of a wander and some lunch... the wandering turned into shopping and the rest is history. I bought a tonne of new clothes in Primark (and my Mum also treated me to some new accessories there too) and I finally spent my Debenhams voucher on a very nice Clarins blusher I've had my eye on for a while. And last night, I spent my Arcadia vouchers from Christmas on some new bits from Dorothy Perkins.

Essentially, not the greatest week of my spending ban ever, and possibly one of the worst in the history of spending bans! The one plus side to this week is that my wish-list has shrunk slightly (if you want to see the list, click here.) - I'm no longer enamoured with the Clarins Rouge Eclat Eye Quartet, after swatching it in Edinburgh, and realising that I already own similar shades in various palettes and singles.

In due course, I shall share the spoils of my weakness with you, in the mean time, here is Grumpy Cat's summation of my week...

Congratulations. A Perfect 'Zero'.

How is everyone else getting along with their spending bans?

Christina xo


  1. Oh- what a grumpy cat!
    That's too bad that you caved in- but your right, I think, buying things at a reduced price now is better than spending more later...
    Hope week 3 is better

  2. I know, I don't have the strongest will in the world, but this week has been better... Because I've barely had a day off!

    P.s. How awesome is Grumpy Cat!! :) xx