Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My 2013 Goals

Now, I don't normally keep resolutions... so I'm calling them goals to make them sound a little less terrifying! I've read quite a few posts from other bloggers about their aims for 2013 and I've seen folk setting themselves more than 30 goals for 2013. I'm a lazy bum, so no way will I make that many, so here are my goals for 2013:

1. Save up enough money to move back to Glasgow - I'm currently living in Fife (in Kirkcaldy, a town that is 63 miles east of Glasgow and roughly 2 decades behind the rest of humanity) with my boyfriend, but we both miss living in Glasgow, where the majority of our friends and family reside. Also, Kris has so few chances for full-time work up here so living in Glasgow would actually give both of us a chance at a career. For those reasons, we're saving up enough money to move into a flat back home. This is also one of the reasons behind my spending ban, which you can read about here. 

2. Blog more. Essentially, I just need to schedule some time at least 3-4 times a week where I can sit and blog. I love writing for this, but sometimes when I'm working a lot I just don't have the blogging mojo. I'm going to be positive and try more! I'd also like to get to know some of my fellow bloggers a bit more. Everyone I've spoken to has been lovely and welcoming, and I want to keep chatting away and making new friends where possible. And maybe one day I'll get to a meet-up too, that'd be lovely!

3. Be healthier. There are a few goals under the heading of being healthier: Drink less alcohol (let's see how well I do with THAT one!), eat less junk foods and more veg, and exercise more. I keep putting my unhealthy eating and laziness down to working so much, but it really is just me being bone idle. I love long walks and swimming, so I'm going to do that more, and try to cut out eating so much junk. Hopefully losing some weight will be a happy by-product of this, but I'm more interested in being healthy and less of a boozer. I definitely need to stop drinking so much, I am so hungover right now it is painful. My healthy eating isn't going too well yet but that's because the hangover munchies have kicked in. Pass the bacon...

So those are my goals for 2013. I'm hoping that now it's typed up and on the internet I will stick to it, know what I mean? Feel free to share your goals for the year too!

And to sign off, here's a picture of my favourite grumpy cat, Tardar Sauce!

Christina xo


  1. Ah, I like the sound of goals rather than resolutions. I've never stuck to a New Year's resolution successfully yet!!

    1. I know, goals sounds a bit less severe than resolutions and makes it easier to work towards I think. I've never been able to stick to resolutions either :P x