Wednesday, 23 January 2013

100 Day Spending Ban - Week 3 Update

After last week's disaster, I knew I had to try harder to stop myself from spending unnecessarily. And I've been very successful... because I've spent all week at work. I have literally been working constantly since last Tuesday (15/1/13) and I won't have another day (I say day, I mean 24 consecutive hours) off work until Friday (25/1/13). This means I won't be near any shops that will lead me to cave. Yaaaay! There is a 'but' to all this though...

I need a new primer.

Now by my own rules, if I don't have something I can replace it, and preferably with something cheaper than what I usually use. I have done this. I usually use L'Oreal Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer (£14.29), but I am going to try MUA's new Matte Perfect Primer (£4). My only issue is that MUA currently have their 50% off + free delivery offer... and you have to spend a minimum of £30 (£15 after discount). I think I will make a purchase, since I've yet to find any other high street primer that I liked, but I know I'll probably get a lot of stick from fellow spending ban-ers for supposedly caving! Sorry guys, but I want to try this primer and if I can avail myself of an offer that saves me money in the long run, I don't see that to be a bad thing.

And now my wishlist: it has changed slightly this week. It currently consists of:

Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm
MUA Pro Fixing Mist - I'm going to purchase this in my MUA order, after hearing some really good reviews about it.
MAC Lipstick in Chatterbox.

and now I'd like to add...

                                    PERFECTION LUMIÈRE Long-Wear Flawless Fluid Makeup SPF 10

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation. Or Vita Lumiere Aqua, I haven't quite decided yet. I've seen several reviews of both and I am really impressed with the finish and the quality of Chanel's foundations, so I would love to try one! They are expensive, but I don't mind paying more for a good foundation that lasts and works well for my skin. Plus I love Chanel. It is synonymous with class and elegance and I always feel lovely when I wear their products!

That's my spending ban update! How is everyone else getting on? Remember, spending ban chat on Twitter is 8pm on Thursday. I won't be able to take part this week (I'll be working) but go check it out. And if you want to catch up with other bloggers doing the ban, head over to Marvelle's Blog of Shadows for her comprehensive list of bloggers doing a spending ban. :)

Christina xo


  1. I don't see a problem with spending £15 on MUA, after all you was going to spend £15 on Loreal! So I wouldn't worry too much! I am finding it slightly easier as the weeks go on thank goodness. :)

    1. Very true, I do love the L'oreal primer but really starting to commit to this ban! Hehe I'm finding it easier but that's because I'm so busy with work I barely have a chance to go near a high street :P x