Friday, 18 January 2013

Primark and Dorothy Perkins haul

Guess who broke their spending ban last week?

*shuffles awkardly* That would be me. I went to Edinburgh last Saturday with my mum, and being surrounded by so many beautiful and well-stocked shops (many that we don't have in Kirkcaldy), my willpower and resolved weakened and I ended up buying myself new clothes. Some I needed and some I didn't, and my mum treated me to a few things as well. One of the items I bought I have already reviewed; the Clarins Blush Prodige, and now I shall show you the pretty clothes I splurged on...


Metal bow bag - £8 - This was one of the items my mum treated me to. I love these kinds of accessories; classy, elegant and very lady-like.

Top: Quilted stud slippers - £3, reduced from £8. These were reduced in the sale, and I bought them to match a dress I will show you later (or as it turned out, two dresses!).
Bottom: Multicoloured studded slippers - £6, reduced from £12. This was the other item my mum treated me to. My eye caught these and I just couldn't resist, they're so shiny and sparkly! Plus, because they're multicoloured, they will match many outfits.

Dotty skater dress - £5. I can't believe this was only £5! It's the perfect 'throw-on-and-go' kinda dress: it's stretchy, comfy and effortlessly stylish.

Bow-front chiffon dress - £13. I love blue dresses, and I love bows too so this dress was a match made in heaven for me. This was the dress that made me buy the cream slipper shoes, and I think they will go perfectly with this dress. Can't wait to wear this!

Top: Slubby white/black jumper - £12
Bottom: Western-style studded cardigan - £14

I've been needing some more warm clothes for work (and in general), so I thought I'd invest in some more winter knits. I particularly love this cardigan, the stud patterns are so lovely, and it means the cardigan brightens up any outfit.

After my Primark splurge, I thought I was done. Alas, I still had some Dorothy Perkins vouchers to use from Christmas, so I thought I'd have a nosey on their website and look what I found...


Top: Uttam London bird-print dress - £25.
Middle: Little Dior quilted bag - £39 reduced to £18.70.
Bottom: Charcoal neppy tee - £9.

I loved this dress, plus it matched the Primark shoes and the Little Dior bag so I added this to my shopping basket. The bag was reduced in the sale, and since I don't have many neutral accessories (and I also have an obsession with Chanel 2.55 bags), I knew I wanted this. I'm not normally bothered by labels, but the fact this was also a Little Dior bag attracted me. The t-shirt isn't quite so exciting, I need more tops for work and I liked the plain, laid-back nature of this t-shirt.

So those were my purchases last week, and this was also my first fashion-based post. Let me know what you think: would you like to see more post more about fashion and my style/style in general?

Christina xo


  1. The polka dot dress is something I'd go for. It's so cute! You may have broke the spending ban but at least you got some lovely things. If they're a bargain it doesn't count right?x

    1. Lol that is my philosophy exactly! If it's a bargain, no harm done :) xx

  2. oh for the love of the big man i HAVE to have that primark bag!Payday is soooo far away :-(

    1. That sucks you have to wait, but definitely get this bag, it's just so lovely! :P xx

  3. Those gem slippers are soo cute xx

  4. They are aren't they! So gutted I haven't had the chance to wear them yet, it's been too snowy where I am :( x x

  5. woooow, that is some serious bargins you found. Glasgow seamed to forgoe the sales this year. The shops were terrible and i know for a fact those shoes are still full price in primark here because i was looking at them today. haha. sorry rant over. :)

    found your blog via bbloggers blog hop.

    lorna xxx

    p.s i love the clarins blush:D
    sorry for uber long comment.

    1. Lol the fact they were bargains helped me feel so much better about the fact I broke my spending ban! Apart from these though I thought the sales were a bit pants in general this year, didn't see much I liked!

      I love the Clarins blush as well, it's fast becoming my go-to blusher!

      Hehe I love comments, especially long ones :P

      Christina xo

  6. The blue dress is really cute! I've bought it but I don't know what kind of shoes wear for this dress. :/ Can you give me an advice? - Deb xoxo

  7. Sure thing: which blue dress? lol :P

    Both of them go pretty well with the cream slipper shoes in the post. I also pair them with tan brogues and a tan belt. The bow dress also goes well with a grey bow belt and my grey boots.

    Hope that makes sense lol, I'm not much of a fashionista :P enjoy the dress!

    Christina xo