Saturday, 20 April 2013

10 Day You Challenge - 5 Foods

Food glorious foooood!

Hey readers :) today's part of the challenge is about sharing 5 foods and I'm assuming it's my top 5 favourite foods, so I really hope you've eaten today, because I'm probably about to make you really hungry...

1. Bacon. Preferably crispy smoky bacon. I love it on sandwiches, in fry-ups on burgers, and especially with pancakes and maple syrup. Nom. This reminds me of a song...

2. Blueberries - Blueberries are my favourite fruit, always so juicy and refreshing. I love them on their own, but also in muffins, in porridge and especially in my speciality cheesecake: Blueberry and white chocolate mascarpone cheesecake on an amaretti biscuit base, with a blueberry and amaretto reduction. God bless Masterchef...

Some of my famous blueberry muffins :)

3. Steak - Sorry vegetarians, I am a bonafide red meat-eater. Direct your moral outrage elsewhere. Preferably at Morrissey, he likes that sort of thing :P I like my steaks medium rare (i.e. still bleeding a little in the middle), in a mushroom and red wine sauce with some chunky chips. That would probably be my death-bed meal.

4. Cream cheese - Random one, but I love cream cheese, especially now that most companies have made different flavours too. Sandwiches are a lot more exciting with some nice cream cheese instead of just spread or butter (and a bit healthier too). Om nom nom...

I haven't tried the chocolate one yet, but it looks pretty good...

5. Pizza - I love pizza in all its forms. Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns - they're all pretty naff compared to a real Italian pizza, although I also find when I'm in Spain they make excellent pizza too. At home, I like ordering from a little takeaway on Kirkcaldy High st called Elevenses (they're great when you have the drunk munchies.) and my favourite kind of pizza is a Frutti di Mare (i.e. a seafood pizza.)

Oooh... really want a pizza now... damn...

Those are my top 5 foods, what do you think? Any fave foods we share or do you think I'm just weird?

Christina xo


  1. Nom nom nom, you've got me craving lots of things now! I haven't tried the shop-bought chocolate Phily, but I have done my own by mixing the plain stuff with Nutella....all I can say is, don't do it! It's so ridiculously delicious I always end up eating farrrrr too much of it! Ha.
    That cheesecake recipe sounds insane, will have to google it. I love blueberyy muffins too.
    Mel x

  2. I found the blueberry cheesecake recipe in a Masterchef cookbook my mum had, can't find it online but will try to find the recipe for you next time I'm home :)

    I made myself so hungry writing this :P