Monday, 15 April 2013

100 Day Spending Ban: Extended edition (Weeks 13,14 and 15)

Hi spending ban fans!

It's been nearly 3 weeks (oops) since I last updated everyone on how my spending ban is going. It was going very swimmingly until I went home to Glasgow and brought my friend Kirsty as well. We went shopping and I bought things. Bad, BAD spending ban blogger...

I'm sorry, been massively bad this month. Thankfully next month I can't afford to since I have 3 birthdays next month - my brother's and then Kris and his dad share the same birthday and his dad is going to be the big 50. Eeep, no purchases for me except the absolute essentials, e.g. I'm about to run out of make-up remover so will have to get some more.

On the plus side, I did win this fantastic Area H2O set from Look Fantastic!

And Kris' mum gave me this gorgeous Marc Jacobs necklace as a belated Easter present. It's a locket which contains solid Dot eau de parfum! Awesome :)

So yeah, you can see why I've decided to extend my spending ban since I've been pretty crap at sticking to it. I'm not the only blogger extending their ban; I know the lovely Marvelle is extending hers over at the Blog of Shadows. So at least I have company :) Let me know if you're extending your ban!

Christina xo

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