Monday, 15 April 2013

10 Day You Challenge - 7 Wants

Hey there readers :)

Today is a much cheerier part to the 10 Day You Challenge - 7 Wants! I'll share with you 7 goals or things I want to own or achieve, so on with the show...

1. A job in Glasgow - This is the thing I want the most at the moment - a job that means I can move back to my home city of Glasgow. It's difficult because I want to keep working for the company I'm with just now but they don't have any positions I can apply for in the West of Scotland, so I'm stuck applying and hoping to other companies and agencies in the mean-time. Boo hiss...

2. To eventually get through all the episodes of Bleach so far - I've started watching an anime series named Bleach. There are 366 episodes and I'm about to start series 5 at episode 92. It's all about a teenager named Ichigo who gains the powers of a Soul Reaper (or Death God). The job of a Soul Reaper is to safely deliver souls to the afterlife (in this case it's called the Soul Society) and to defend people from Hollows (evil souls). It's funny and dramatic in equal measure and involves possibly the coolest talking cat since Salem.

3. To own a dog - I'd love to have the time and patience to train and properly look after a dog, preferably a lovely little black West Highland Terrier like the one below. Most likely if we ever did get a dog it would be a Jack Russell since it's one of the few breeds I know of that don't shed (Kris has asthma and allergies to long animal hair).

4. To go back to uni - I know I'm being greedy considering I already have two degrees (one in English Language and Literature and the other in teaching) but I have my eye on going back to uni - I want to study Autism Studies at Strathclyde University's Centre for Autism Studies. Just need a few more years experience and I might sneak in :P

5. To meet Grumpy Cat - Sorry, but Tardar Sauce is just so feckin' cute!

6. To stand up for myself more - Last night I tried to be honest about my opinions on storage during the #bbloggers chat, then received a slightly rude reply from the chat's host. I should have said "Well pardon me I thought this was about sharing opinions, no need to be rude." and instead I whimpered and apologised. I have a friend who's treating me like shit at the moment and I wish I had the guts to stand up and say "Stop being an ass". Actually I would do that but I suspect they're avoiding me. Possibly for that exact reason. Oh well...

7. To live happily(ish) ever after - I'm relatively content with my life as it is, bar trying to get a job in Glasgow, and I would love it to stay that way.

7 things I want - done! What 7 things do you want most then?

Christina xo


  1. section 6 :( i hope im not the shity friend¡ who tis it<3

  2. Lol you could never be a shitty friend, silly! :) ach just someone who takes me for granted really and a bit fed up of it. xx