Sunday, 14 April 2013

10 Day You Challenge - 8 Fears

Hey there lovely readers!

Today's part of the 10 Day You Challenge is a really cheery one - 8 fears. I will start by saying I don't really have any truly deep and penetrating fears (such as agoraphobia or arachnophobia) - they're more "Things I Don't Like Very Much." so here are my top 8 fears/"Things I Don't Like Very Much"...

1. Ladders - I really don't like going up ladders. They're really unstable and I'm always scared I may fall off. Irrational but true. I will go up ladders but only if someone is in the near vicinity. Strangely I'm fine with heights, it's just wibbly wobbly ladders I don't like.

I lol'ed at this. Was looking for a picture to illustrate my dislike for ladders and found this. No, I have no idea why he's holding a cat either...

2. Bees and wasps - I generally hate any flying insects that buzz about. I hate wasps because they're vicious wee blighters that sting you without provocation. I hate bees because they literally defy physics. Seriously they're technically too fat to fly in proportion to the size of their wings. The way in which they beat their wings essentially generate mini hurricanes, and the eyes of these hurricanes essentially keep them aloft. BEES DEFY PHYSICS THEY ARE NOT NATURAL!! For more information, read this article.

All the pictures of actual bees gave me the creeps so here's a happy-smiley one instead!

3. Getting old - not in a vain kind of way. More in a "I don't want to develop dementia, forget who I am and have to get help to use the loo" kind of way. I see people in their 70s/80s all the time who just don't look happy and I don't want that to happen to me. That's probably the closest thing I have to a fear actually, of getting old and dying alone.

4. Loneliness - I'm not much of a lone wolf, I like doing things with friends and people around me. That's about it really, nothing too deep!

5. Not being good enough - I'm always worried that I'm not good enough for people: not a good enough friend/girlfriend/employee/neighbour/human being in general. Which is silly, because I imagine people would tell me if I wasn't doing enough and being abit of a let-down. I try not to think about it too much and I'm lucky that Kris is good at noticing when I worry about such things.

6. Being home alone after dark - Kris never understands why I get so grumpy when he goes away without me. It's because I hear every bump and creak in the house and immediately surmise that it's a serial killer trying to get in to kill me. I'm sure everyone has a similar fear, but thought it was worth mentioning.

7. Speaking up - I make out like I'm some mega confident public speaker. I'm bloody well not, I'm just tremendously good at acting it :P

8. Living in Kirkcaldy forever because no-one in Glasgow will offer me a job - At the moment I'm applying for jobs in Glasgow and not really hearing back, and I really really REALLY don't want to live up here forever and end up as miserable and dour-faced as some of the locals. So if any care charities/agencies happen to be reading: please hire me! I'm awesome! etc...

Like I said, these aren't quite fears, more things that worry me or that I don't like much.

Do you have any fears? What worries you most?

Christina xo

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