Friday, 12 April 2013

10 Day You Challenge - 10 secrets

I saw this challenge over on Jess's blog, Lovely Jubbly and I really enjoyed reading some of her posts as part of the challenge so I decided to give it a go myself! The first day involves sharing 10 secrets, so here's 10 soul-baring secrets from me:

1. This isn't much of a secret but I really hate living in Fife. I have met some lovely people here and made great friends, however Kirkcaldy seems so small compared to Glasgow (where I grew up) and there are so many small-minded and ignorant people here that it drives me crazy. I know not everyone is like that, but when people stare at you for dressing smartly, time to get the fuck out.

This is Kirkcaldy town centre on a "busy" Saturday night. Cue tumbleweed...

2. Although I hate living in Kirkcaldy, I do think it's been such a valuable learning curve. I've learnt that teaching in mainstream schools wasn't my bag, I found that I love working with autism and want to learn more and I think it's also strengthened my relationship with Kris. Not that we would have struggled if we'd stayed in Glasgow, but I think making such a big move together has brought us even closer together (barf).

3. I didn't enjoy mainstream teaching at all, but I wouldn't say no to working in additional support needs roles in schools.

4.My pet hate is when my friends let me down. I've been let down by a few friends recently and it sucks. I do my best to do right by everyone I know, so not being treated with the same respect riles me immensely.

5.Another loathing of mine is public displays of affection. In all their myriad forms; excessive tongue wrestling in the street, holding on to your loved one like the world will end if you don't, calling your other half snookums or baby in public and sucking up to one another on social networking. Seriously get a room, with steel doors, padded walls and no connections to the outside world. Evolution will thank you.

6. I'm not always such a misery guts. Sometimes I just need a bloody good vent.

7. I secretly love my cheesy club tunes. I used to be a complete hipster and pretend that I thought such music was total guff. Now I realise I was a pretentious wee nyaff and just listen to whatever I want. Which is often Ke$ha and Calvin Harris.

8. I still really really want to throw a steak at Morrissey, just to see how he would react. Badly I would imagine.

9. I prefer Twitter to Facebook.

10. The slightest thing makes me cry. Seeing someone cry during an emotional scene in film and TV means I am guaranteed to start blubbing. Even the ending to Mass Effect 3 (a computer game) has me in tears. (For many reasons that are obvious to anyone who has played it :P)

So those are my 10 (sort of) secrets. I tend to be quite open about things anyway so secrets aren't really my bag.

If you want to do the tag, join in and send me the links to your posts!

Christina xo

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